What’s in a Name?

Gosh. Thanks for reading and responding, y’all. Recently I’ve had my face stuck in a computer monitor for hours on end; I go through periods where my only income is sitting at a computer, and during those periods it’s hard not to feel lonely. I have Cabaret rehearsals nearly every night, but days, and wee hours, are just me, working on my buddy Ward’s upcoming site (due next week!!) and what seems like a million other little things. So I appreciate knowing that there are a few other people out there gazing into their computer screens.

So why, do you ask, are you spending more time in front of a screen to write a post in this journal, Matt? Or is it just me, asking that? Well, you’re certainly right, and I should go outside, because I have to admit, it’s lovely in Charleston today. It is actually close to being Spring-like here in the Holy City, and that’s a rarity (usually Winter mistakenly hands the Seasonal Torch to Summer, leaving Spring dejected and hurt). So I should be frolicking or something.

I was just thinking that I don’t like the name of this journal. I want something clever and catchy. “Matt About Life” is lame, and just something I wrote down when I signed up for this blogging business. I think that there could be plenty of cliched plays on the word “Matt” that I could use, but I am coming up blank.

Any ideas?