Beyond Wildest Dreams

Cabaret Kiki’s first show last Thursday could not have gone better, for an opening night. Somehow it all came together, and some of it even at the last minute. Though the concept began at least a year ago, and some of us have been working on it practically for that long, the pieces seemed fit just right on Thursday. And the buzz about the show was “buzzier” than anything I’ve worked on. We sold out Tuesday’s show (tonight), almost a day later.

I’m bragging, but there’s a point. I just can’t believe that after all this time, all this hard work, it actually happened, and happened so well. The goal of this project, first and foremost, was to create an arts collective, just as they did at the end of the century in Paris. A group of artists that were dissatisfied with the way things were working, and the way things “had to be”. So Biv, Bill and I used any sort of clout we had to get the best dancers from the ballet theatre, the best musicians from the symphony and modern music group, the best writers and photographers, designers and even project managers. We wanted everyone to play nice, and make a little “art for art’s sake”. So we didn’t put any constraints on what was going to be happening. That’s the nice thing about a Cabaret… anything goes!

And it could have failed miserably. No one has made a dime from this show, yet. Everyone has worked for free, in their own free time. And there are so many of us; with so many artists banded together there is sure to be some element of melodrama. But somehow we escaped that. And since there was nothing but the love for the idea and the willingness to make it work, we were focused together, rather than fighting within.

It doesn’t change the world. It doesn’t change anyone’s careers, necessarily (more, though, about that on another post). But it did make a mark, and I really hope that we can keep that up. This town needs a swift kick in the ass. It needs motivation to strive for bigger and better things. We did, with Kiki, and thankfully, it’s working. And it’s so much fun.