Music on Saturday

Kiki played Asheville, NC the other day; as part of a fundraiser for the Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance. Not only did we have a blast and raised some money for the Theatre’s two upcoming performances (the first of which features both the Dole and Kiki… holy split personality, Batman!), but I was introduced to an army of Asheville’s finest entertainers. We knew and loved Holiday Childress, lead singer of the Goodies, a band that Jump used to play with often, but for some reason I had never been introduced to Holiday’s gorgeous friend Stephanie, of Stephanie’s Id. She sang an appropriately silly song for the fundraiser but made her mark on my easily crushed  (crushy? crushable? crush-prone??) heart, and the next day when I returned home I bought their CD “Spiral In” on iTunes. And it’s beautiful. Critics hear Bjork, Jim Morrison, and Portishead… I’d agree on most points, but in general it’s just a lovely piece of work. Shirley Manson of Garbage likes them, so you should too.
We met two members of the Rebelles, Asheville’s all-female burlesque troop, quite a formidable bunch. In many ways they’re the Kiki of Asheville, but have been doing it a lot longer; they mix in political jabs and skits to their creative undressing, and from what I saw it’s a show worth seeing.  We’re trying to work out a coastal-mountainous collaboration in the coming months; stay tuned.

It was a night that will be hard to beat. I’m learning so much about myself, by being someone else for an evening. There is freedom in that… freedom in being able to stretch myself so much all at once. The learning curve is so much sharper than it was in a rock band, at least for now, and that’s pretty intoxicating. Now I just have to start taking yoga or something so I can do all the ridiculous stunts I try as Jonny and not wake up with a stiff back. Fucking hell.
Before I go, I’d like to mention that my buddy David Mead’s new album, Tangerine, is yet another masterpiece of luscious pop, perfect songwriting craftmanship. Does that guy ever stink? Ever? He’s coming to Charleston this week, so I guess I’ll have to leave the house for a good cause.