Spring Cleaning Time

It’s that time again. My girlfriend has moved back to the big city, my room mate is about to move to Syracuse, and my house is a bloody wreck. Truly a nightmare of disorganization. Two years ago, around this time, I completely overhauled my life, and at the same time discovered the supreme pleasures of how an organized living space and life really did entitle you to sit and drink sake and watch hours and hours of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I’m excited about a new overhaul, but it’s a daunting project. I’m calling upon all the tools I have at my disposal: I’m sure that it isn’t a surprise to many that geek out hard core on the internet that I’ve succumed to the near-religion that is “GTD”, or “Getting Things Done”, a productivity philosophy captured in a book by David Allen. Allen’s guide to effortless workflow is loosely based on his love of the martial arts. The basic idea is that there is no way to truly relax as a human being if your brain is jam-packed with thoughts of what you need to do, and the best way to feel more on top of things is to organize these random thoughts in a more effiicent way, dividing your “to-dos” into their proper projects and contexts. It’s a real reaction to today’s over-stimulated, always-on type of living, that pertains not only to the fast-paced businessman living in Tokyo and New York, but also schlubs like me that dabbles in freelance computer work… and has to keep his creative projects organized, too. I’ve found that now, more than ever, I have to govern my own time to the minute, because no one is telling me any more what time to be “in the van”, “at the club”, and when “show time” and “load-out” is.

We just got back from a ten-day “paid vacation” in Asheville, performing for Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance. It was a magical time, from start to finish… Cary Ann and I shared a small apartment donated by a board member of the group, right in the middle of town, and had the freedom to walk anywhere we wanted to. Once again I was reminded how nice and simple life could be when you 1. are in the process of doing something that is utterly fulfilling and productive and 2. you have all the time you need to focus on this lifestyle. And the end of a day was a completion of a hard day’s work, and not just another time to start a to-do list for the next day.
It’s not until I have to squeeze all sorts of different, conflicting lifestyles into one day or week that I become stressed. After a week in Asheville I am reminded again how ridiculously expensive it is to live here in Charleston; how much one has to work to make ends meet. But… all the reason more to find a way to stay on top of things and try to regain equillibrium via organization. It’s highly possible that I’ll either move to a new home come August, or even a new city. Nothing definite, nothing drastic, but a little time to get some things straightened out would be nice, no matter what happens. I welcome any tips!