Another Take on Cathedrals

Thanks, for the most part, to everyone that is sending me updates on Joan Osborne’s cover of Cathedrals. It is neat, of course. It’s also a little disconcerting to think that after my playing it every night for more than six years, it would be attributed to someone else…but that’s the name of the game, I guess.

Here’s another version, that I like. Her name is Heidi Talbot, and she was in Cherish the Ladies, an all-female trad Irish group that is led by my one-and-only tin whistle teacher, Joanie Madden. That’s pretty darned cool. I especially like the string arrangements that come in towards the last minute of the song. Jay-influenced, but steppin’ out.

Gregory, I didn’t know that Jump was from Delaware, either. Wacky!