Please Vote for Obama

I know this picture is funny. It’s a joke. And I’ve been kind of quiet about politics this year. Might be because the last time I got all political I got enough hate mail to…well…I got a lot of hate mail.

But Palin isn’t a joke, to me. This woman scares me even more than Bush did, eight years ago. I don’t mind the NRA thing, I guess; my father was a hunter, too. And I like that she even mentions special-needs children. But anyone that is against rights for gays, anti-abortion, and wants to teach “optional” creationism in schools just shouldn’t have that much power in this country. I appreciate the fact that she takes a stand, but…creationism? And the possibility that she would be in the White House as VP is even more scary knowing that Mr. McCain might not live for another eight years, bless his heart.

Hey. I’m sad that Barack didn’t pick Hillary as his running mate, too. I would love a woman as Vice President, I would love a woman as President. But not this one. Please, please, not this one.

I’ve been a fan of Barack Obama since 2004. I never expected him to run, never expected him to get this far. But now that he is, it’s the most exciting thing to happen to our country in almost a decade, and I’m really worried about how close the race is.

I tend to get preachy. I won’t. But I truly want to understand how people could be apathetic about this election. I saw a bumper sticker on a car yesterday that listed the candidates and had a checked box beside “None of the Above”. What? And I also want to understand how people who were Hillary supporters would vote for McCain. Isn’t that taking it a bit far? Why would this country want even one more year of the same brand of politics we’ve been enduring for the last eight?

I have actually been a McCain supporter, in the past. When he was more forward-thinking, back in 2000. Before he took on more of the current administration’s backwards policies. But now…and after picking ultra-Conservative nut Palin…I can’t be, any more. I can’t wait for Bush to be gone, but we have the option to replace him with people that are interested in growing, and not staying the same.

This is a great site with some facts. If you’re feeling apathetic. And if you are, well, get over it. Apathy is so 2000. and 2004.