Cousin Tim is a Republican!

Actually, I just found this sign. I don’t know Tim Bivins, and am probably not related to him. But I do like the fine print at the bottom: “Paid for by the Citizens for Bivins”. I would love to have things paid for by the Citizens for Bivins! Honestly.

I’m seriously caught up in a Political Fever. I listened to my weekly dose of This American Life while walking the dogs. Ira’s program was about Pennsylvania, and how it’s a swingy state this year, and McCain is hitting it hard. There are lots of Democrats fighting for the Republican candidate, and plenty of Democrats going after the Red swatches of state. It’s still really fascinating to me how people could be undecided in this election. To me, it’s a no brainer. But I got to thinking about how some of my friends might be on the fence, too, and it’s unsettling.

I found this article. He doesn’t tell you who to vote for, just gives some ideas of how to make up your mind. I’ve been having a really really difficult time trying to get Charleston County, SC to send me an absentee ballot this year, and I’m really going to be cutting it close. I decided to stay an official South Carolinian just a little longer so that I could cast my vote for my candidate in a state that might need it more (or less, depending on how you see it), but the struggle to get it here, the stress, is kind of invigorating. If my ballot doesn’t get here in time, I’ve threatened to drive back to SC to vote. I don’t want anyone I know to not vote in November. I’d do anything to get people to vote, and have offered to drive people there myself on the 4th.

I knew who I was going to vote for before he officially decided to run for office; I’ve been an Obama fan ever since his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. It was a no-brainer for me. I don’t care “where he came from”. I don’t care about his “lack of experience”. If he actually became a Muslim in the next week and a half, I’d still vote for him. Whether it’s this year or another, Obama is going to make changes, has already done so, in my opinion, simply by the nature of who he is, and I hope that this country lets him give being President a shot.

But still…I’ve said many times, I remember being a McCain fan in 2000. If he can keep from leaving us with Palin, hang in there for at least four years, I’ll live. Four more years of the same Republican Party shenanigans could really do some major damage, but I’d imagine it’s going to be much easier for me to weather a total economic meltdown than most, because I’m very used to not making any money, anyway. Thanks to Dad, I know how to handle a gun, safely. And I’ve been putting off taking those Chinese lessons for too long.

The main thing is to vote. The main thing is to vote. The main thing.

In other news, I had my first official Chicago improv performance last night. With a group formed out of iO classes. We call ourselves “How to Fight Wolves”. We had a 20 minute set last night at a bar called Ginger’s. It was fun; it’s nice to just try and keep something very fun. Evan and I are moving right along with the book for Kiki, a main reason we’re here. And I finally start a job, in two weeks, as Tech Director for a dance company. Back on the road! But this time, behind the scenes, and not nearly as long. It has been so strange for me to be jobless for this long. A great learning experience, though. I’m a workaholic, I now know, and quitting cold turkey was just what the doctor ordered. But back to it!

Mmmm. Cold turkey.