Almost There, but Not Quite!

I know that the word is good, that he’s up in the polls…but it truly isn’t over yet. I spent nearly three weeks trying to get an absentee vote to South Carolina, and finally did (thanks, Nick!), so I can relax a bit. But to those of you that have an easier time of it tomorrow: don’t forget, for God’s sake. And don’t be wishy-washy about it. Is there anyone still undecided? Seriously, write me, here, and I’ll help you decide. Heck. Call me at 843.853.7099. If I can answer, I will.

This is such an important one, folks. It’s vital. A change has to happen, and though they say that they’re “maverick”, nothing they say has convinced me that we won’t be cruising down the same depressing path that we’ve been on for eight years. You are guaranteed an immediate change with Obama in the White House. To prove that we as a country are not as conservative, not as complacent, not as race-obsessed as the rest of the world thinks we are. The man is 1. intelligent, and 2. passionate, which is already more than what we’ve had for almost ten years. I’m not necessarily saying that he’s going to save the world, or even this country, but it’d be a damn good start, in my opinion.

Whew. I can’t relax until tomorrow is done.